Outdoor First Aid

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Outdoor first aid

Outdoor First Aid

Outdoor First Aid

Based in Cornwall Aberfal First Aid offers a comprehensive range of Remote and Outdoor First Aid training programs, satisfying the content requirements of many outdoor governing bodies, and meeting The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.

Our Training is very interactive and uses a combination of theoretical and practical sessions, designed to develop ability, knowledge and, most importantly, practical confidence.

Our Outdoor First Aid training is designed to enable people working in a outdoor, wilderness and coastal environment to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to respond, with confidence, to medical emergency, initiating vital lifesaving procedures until the emergency services are on scene. these procedures and protocols DO, HAVE and WILL help to save life’s.

Outdoor training programs in Cornwall are: –

    • Outdoor First Aid
    • Basic (Level 1)
    • Intermediate (Level 2) (Standard 16hr outdoor course)
    • Advanced (Level 3)
    • Responder (Level 4)

No experience is necessary for our outdoor First Aid courses Level 1 to 3 as full training will be given. To be able to join our Level 4 Responder course a minimum of a Outdoor Level 3 Or a valid FAW is required.

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